Piece me back

Sunday, July 30, 2006


I'm scrapping out the old nightcraze and recreating a new one. This is the phoenix arising from death. The old one is too depressing, full of anger and hate. I'm bettering myself now. I hope ^^

It in the middle of the year and yep I'm making a new resolution. Lets call it mid-year resolution. (ok ok, I dont have the most original ideas ^^)

1. Be indifferent. I'll try not to make things affect me much. Basically just go with the flow this might make me live longer and experience less health problems due to stress. ^^ I'll let God handle it for now.

2. Try to come to the office early. Ok, Marc will be laughing at this since I think I lost my bet to him and that was for the whole month of july. Sigh, I love my bed too much. Didnt want to leave it in the morning especially if its raining.

3. Explore more and try to find my calling. Along the line, I lost my faith and belief. I might find it again.

4. Try to the see the best in every little things. :) I miss being able to do that. To find happiness in the littlest event and laugh like there is no tomorrow.

5. To love a person with all my being. ^^; I've been trying to do that, I hope I havent wavered yet.

6. To be less of a spendrift and start saving up for my future. Yep, I want a house and a car bought in my own money. Maybe a little help wont hurt. Heheheh but I want to see the fruit of my hardwork.

7. Be more organized. Starting with my desk. Well, there are less mess now in my desk but I think i started a zoo in my office desk.

8. To save enough money to bring my mom to europe. Been promising her for a long time now, I think I saved up enough mileage that I can get a flight free to Paris. :) She would love that type of present.

9. To love being an anime addict. I'm not denying it anymore. ^^;;

10. To be less pessimistic. Think, happy thoughts.

These are just the 10 things that I think I need to do. :) Just to make life a bit easier on me.